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Our services include Coating, Conversions, Flange Ups, Hydro Testing, Magnetic Testing, Packing Changes, Trim Changes, Ultrasonic Testing

B&B Industrial Supply is experienced with a variety of valves and related products regardless of the manufacturer. These services include general valve repair, diagnostic testing, cleaning and decontamination, special testing, surplus parts inventory, modifications, and turnaround service.

Valves can suffer from abrasion by sand or stone chippings present in fluids, and from erosion by the accelerating flow of liquid when the valve is open and closed. Coating valves protects against corrosion as well as against abrasion and erosion caused by foreign particles.


B&B Industrial Supply has developed coating procedures to accommodate internal coating of valves. This cutting edge coating technology provides an extra layer of protection when the valve is subjected to harsh environments, chemicals, or liquids that may artificially erode the working life span of valves.

B&B Industrial Supply can perform a variety of custom conversions within our on-site facility, and our experienced personnel implement these conversions to exacting standards.


Some types of conversions that B&B Industrial can manufacture are race face to butt weld, globe to stop check, and lever to gear operator. These are just a few conversions, and our personnel will work with you to determine what type of conversion best accommodates your needs.

Flange ups are another custom fabrication that B&B Industrial can perform. A butt weld with flange up is an example of what our skilled technicians can manufacture at our on-site facility.

Hydrostatic testing is a common procedure used to verify the performance of a fluid pressure vessel, such as, a valve body and bonnet. Hydro testing is also a common testing procedure to make sure pressure vessels do not leak or have manufacturing flaws.


B&B Industrial Supply performs hydrostatic testing under industry and customer requirements or specifications. All of our operators are fully trained and experienced to perform various types of hydro tests within any type of environment.

Magnetic testing is a non-destructive testing process for detecting defects on and slightly below the surface. The process puts a magnetic field into the test object. When the part is magnetized, flaws perpendicular to the magnetic field direction cause flux leakage. If an imperfection or crack is present the magnetic particles will be attracted to the flawed area, thus marking the area as an indication.


B&B Industrial Supply's inspection specialists are equipped with state of the art tools, including magnetic testing yokes that can be used on virtually any valve component that is magnetic.

An important aspect of the lifetime of a valve is the sealing assembly. Almost all valves, like Ball, Globe, Gate, Plug, and Butterfly valves have their sealing assembly based upon shear force, friction and tearing. Therefore, it is extremely important that valve packaging be done properly to prevent damage to the stem, as well as prevent fluid or gas loss.


B&B Industrial Supply uses the highest quality materials for packing changes, thus enhancing the lifetime of the valve.

B&B Industrial Supply can machine and fabricate new valve trim to meet any service requirement, whether it is for a high temperature steam environment, a liquid service supply, or a petrochemical solution.


Complex valve parts require highly skilled machinists and certified welders, B&B Industrial Supply has been performing valve trim services for our customers throughout the world with complete satisfaction.

Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency waves to detect surface cracks and breaking, as well as internal flaws.


B&B Industrial Supply employs experienced personnel and has specialized equipment for utilizing these very short ultrasonic pulse-waves to characterize materials or to detect imperfections.


When it comes to predictive maintenance, ultrasonic analysis is a versatile tool for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspections.


B&B Industrial Supply offers a comprehensive range of best-in-class valve products from respected manufacturers for any application.

Valve Actuation

B&B Industrial supplies a wide range of valve automation products, coupled with our actuation shop we can produce customized valve automation solutions for any type of valve actuator.

Valve Brands

B&B Industrial Supply has a complete line of quality brand name products from over forty-five best of class manufacturers, giving our customers a wide selection to choose from.

Valve Materials

B&B Industrial is known for stocking hard to find valves. Our extensive inventory of valves are available in a variety of materials.

B&B Industrial Supply is a company focused on locating hard to find items in the fluid and valve industry. We have over thirty-five years of combined experience in technical knowledge about the industry.

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