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Industrial and Refining Applications

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With such a successful history of providing valves to all industries, B&B Industrial Supply has a vast base of installed valves that continue to perform in general service applications. An example of these applications are from water service to steam, in corrosive and erosive services in a variety of processing plants around the world.

B&B Industrial Supply has experienced personnel who can assist you with turn-around or maintenance planning, and includes but is not limited to coating and resin processing, general chemical processing, cement manufacturing, ultrapure water, bulk gas production, water treatment, and container manufacturing. If you require valve parts, service, testing, repair, or modifications we have a solution for you.

Industrial and Refining

B&B Industrial Supply is a company focused on locating hard to find items in the fluid and valve industry. We have over thirty-five years of combined experience in technical knowledge about the industry.

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